Annual Fire Alarm Test

Vision Security will be onsite on Wednesday, August 14 to conduct the annual test and inspection of the fire alarm system. These inspections are required by the local fire marshal, fire codes, and national standards.

Every device will be tested to be certain the system is working properly. The test will include several (loud) audible alarms.

We will need access to your apartment for this testing.

Note that the fire doors at the stairways may automatically close and the elevator may be delayed for a few minutes. Please plan accordingly. If the fire doors are closed, you may open them to gain access to your unit.

We appreciate your patience and will conduct the testing as quickly as possible.

*All units will receive a form and envelope (taped to the door) to be filled out and returned to us so we may access the smoke detector in the unit. Please ensure the form is returned and a key (if necessary) is supplied. If we’re unable to gain access at this time, we will automatically reschedule an inspection at the condo owner’s expense.