Fence Replacement

Crews with Taylor Fence will be onsite beginning Thursday, July 26 to remove the fence and gates in the west (Grand Ave) parking lot. Installation of new fencing and fire gates will begin on July 30th. Please move vehicles nearest the fence and gates so that the crews can access the area. You may also… [Read More]

Window Cleaning

Steve Johnson with Skyline Window Cleaning will be cleaning common area glass on Wednesday, April 16th. While he’s here, if you’d like him to take care of your windows (at your expense), call him: (970) 618-1096.


All entry doors are scheduled to be painted April 14-18. Please use caution around the project areas, and note that there may be wet paint on the doors.

Washing Machines Ordered

Holliday House has ordered two new washing machines to replace the two top loaders. We are expecting them to arrive approximately March 31st. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Security Cameras Installed

In response to several recent issues, Crystal Property Management has installed security cameras throughout common areas of the building.

Dues Increasing Approx 5%

Holliday House assessments are scheduled to increase 5%, beginning in January. For more information, see this month’s Herald.

Washing Machine Replacement

The center (Frigidaire front-loader) washing machine is scheduled to be replaced during the week of September 30.

Boiler Startup

Holliday House boilers are scheduled to be started for the winter on or around October 1. Please let us know of any issues with your individual unit’s heat (too hot, too cold, leaky radiator, etc.) so that we may address.

Foyer Radiator

The radiator in the main entry foyer is scheduled to be repaired during the week of 9/30. Please avoid the area if possible while the work is being completed. As always, exercise caution around the project areas.

Package Deliveries

As a courtesy to other residents, please bring package deliveries from UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc. inside the building when you come in. If possible, please drop the package in front of the receiving unit. Some package deliveries have reportedly been found in various areas of the building.