New Dryer Installation

A team with CSC ServiceWorks is scheduled to install a replacement dryer on Thursday, October 13. Please use caution around the project area so that the installers can finish the project as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please contact Crystal Property Management at (970) 945-7266 or

Facility Safety

Please use extra caution around the building during the improvements taking place this summer, keeping in mind that a lot of the work will be taking place overhead. If you have any questions, please let us know.

2019 Summer Upgrades

Holliday House Property Owners Association is preparing for another summer of significant upgrades to the facility. The Association decided unanimously at the February meeting, to tackle some major cosmetic upgrades. We’re estimating projects to start as soon as May. The projects include: Resurface of the shingled mansard (the cedar shakes at the top of the… [Read More]

Security Camera Installation

Due to recent vandalism and illicit dumping, Holliday House Property Owners voted to install security cameras at the entrances and covering the parking lot. Crews from Vision Security will be onsite this beginning tomorrow (7/17) to carry out the installation of this equipment. We anticipate project completion by the end of the week. As always,… [Read More]

Boiler Installation Update

***Update June 7 1:04 a.m.*** System in service. *** Our new boiler system is in place. We will be replacing the hot water heaters tomorrow, June 5th. Hot water will be shut off at 8:00am and will remain off for the day. Note that all water may be shut off intermittently throughout the day. Further,… [Read More]

Boiler Installation

Holliday House Property Owners Association is preparing to replace the boiler and domestic hot water systems.  We expect the installation to take between four and seven days.  We are currently scheduled to complete the work between May 17 and May 31, weather permitting.  Please note; we are in the planning stage.  Specific details regarding dates… [Read More]

Elevator Modernization Complete

The elevator modernization has been completed. We have a few loose ends to tie up (carpet and paint, etc.), but residents are free to use the elevator.

Construction Update

We are finally nearing the end of our summer construction projects. We appreciate your patience. Please note the following: Otis Elevator will be onsite beginning on Monday, September 19. The elevator modernization is currently expected to take approximately three weeks (no guarantees with this 40-year-old building). Most work will occur in the basement near the… [Read More]

Laundry Room Closure

***07/07/2016 Update*** The laundry room is again available. Holliday House has ordered another set of washers and dryers to bring the total up to four sets of laundry equipment. The equipment should be delivered in a few weeks. We have also repriced the Speed Queen dryers to start a cycle for 50¢ for the first… [Read More]

Electrical Service Upgrade

Holliday House will be upgrading the main electrical service for the common areas on Tuesday, July 5. It will take our electricians the full day to complete. PLEASE NOTE: ALL COMMON AREA ELECTRICAL SERVICE WILL BE UNAVAILABLE on Tuesday, July 5th. (This will not affect the electrical service in your unit.) What this means to… [Read More]