Bear Activity

It’s that time of year again: bears are active throughout Glenwood Springs. HHPOA has installed a bear-resistant dumpster in which a bar is raised over the lids to keep them closed. The bar is then secured by a clip. Please help us ensure the dumpster is secured, as the city is fining for unsecured trash…. [Read More]

Indoor Heating

With the oncoming cold weather, we’d like to remind all residents to let us know about any issues with their unit’s heat (for example: apartment stays too hot or cold, leaky fitting on a radiator, etc.). Send us a webmail, call us (970) 945-7266, email us at, or visit us at 1512 Grand Avenue-Suite… [Read More]

Package Deliveries

As a courtesy to other residents, please bring package deliveries from UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc. inside the building when you come in. If possible, please drop the package in front of the receiving unit. Some package deliveries have reportedly been found in various areas of the building.