Abandoned Boat

We are aware of the boat in the parking lot, and are working towards a resolution. We have identified the persons responsible, and we are working with Glenwood Springs Police on a resolution. Please be patient, as this process make take some time. Thanks for your understanding.

Parking Restrictions

Please move any vehicles from the north (facing City Market) parking lot between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. while crews are painting the building.

2019 Parking Permits

2019 Parking permits have been issued to all owners. All residents must display a current (2019) tag on their windshield. All other expired parking permits should be removed and may be discarded. The tag may be placed on either the driver’s or passenger’s side (low, near the dashboard). If Parking Enforcement can’t see the tag… [Read More]

Bear Activity

It’s that time of year again: bears are active throughout Glenwood Springs. HHPOA has installed a bear-resistant dumpster in which a bar is raised over the lids to keep them closed. The bar is then secured by a clip. Please help us ensure the dumpster is secured, as the city is fining for unsecured trash…. [Read More]

Parking Lot Lighting

R&A Enterprises will be on site to replace the five parking lot lights and their respective poles. The project is expected to take a few days. We are currently scheduled for the work to take place 11/17-11/21. Please avoid parking in areas that might prevent access to the lights for our electricians. If you have… [Read More]

Parking Lot Seal/Stripe

HHPOA has awarded a contract to seal-coat and stripe the parking lot. The work is expected to take approximately two days (depending on weather), beginning on Monday, July 28. Please move all vehicles from the parking lot at your earliest convenience, but no later than 8:00am on Monday July 28. Thanks for your assistance.

Vehicle Hang Tags

Holliday House is migrating to a parking permit hang tag system. You may register your vehicles online here, or you may go to Crystal Property Management to register your vehicle and obtain your new permits. For more information, click here or call Crystal Property Management at 945-7266.