Archives for July 2019

Annual Fire Alarm Test

Vision Security will be onsite on Wednesday, August 14 to conduct the annual test and inspection of the fire alarm system. These inspections are required by the local fire marshal, fire codes, and national standards. Every device will be tested to be certain the system is working properly. The test will include several (loud) audible… [Read More]

Abandoned Boat

We are aware of the boat in the parking lot, and are working towards a resolution. We have identified the persons responsible, and we are working with Glenwood Springs Police on a resolution. Please be patient, as this process make take some time. Thanks for your understanding.

Deck Painting

We’ve had a few questions regarding the decks during the painting project. Crews will be working their way around the building spraying all exterior walls. Once that is complete, crews will then circle back around and roll a fresh coat of paint on your physical decking (floor). In the meantime, disregard any overspray on the… [Read More]

Parking Restrictions

Please move any vehicles from the north (facing City Market) parking lot between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. while crews are painting the building.