Board Meeting

The Holliday House Board will have a regular meeting on January 27, 2022 at 10am. More information, including call-in details, will be available soon. If you have any questions or comments, please email us at or call our offices at (970) 945-7266. *There was a typo in the original website notice. The meeting will… [Read More]

Indoor Heat

We hope everyone had a great summer. HH heating systems have been started for the winter. As always, should you have any issues please reach out. Please also check for any leaks or wetness around your radiators. To report any issues, please call: (970) 945-7266. Note: To conserve energy, boilers are currently operating at about… [Read More]

Annual Fire Alarm Inspection

Annual testing for the fire alarm system will take place on Wednesday, August 11th. This testing is mandatory per building codes, insurance requirements, and the local fire marshal. Every device in the facility will be tested to be certain the system is working properly. During this inspection, alarms will be sounding from time to time;… [Read More]

Boilers Shutdown

Holliday House has shut down the interior heating systems for the summer. If you have any questions, please let us know: (970) 945-7266. Have a great summer.

Deck Painting

Crews will begin painting the floor surface of the individual decks beginning on August 21. You will receive a notice on your door the day before we expect to complete the work on your deck. Once you receive notice that crews will be working in your area next, please ensure that your deck is free… [Read More]

Parking Restrictions

Please move any vehicles from the north (facing City Market) parking lot between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. while crews are painting the building.

Tree Trimming

Holliday House has scheduled tree maintenance tomorrow morning (June 21). Aspen Tree Service crews will be onsite beginning in the late morning/early afternoon. All trees that require trimming will be maintained during this project. The pruning is to provide adequate clearance from the building, parking areas, and walkways; as well as to maintain the health… [Read More]

Boiler Shutdown

Holliday House boilers (interior heat) have been shut down for the summer.

Annual Fire Alarm Test

Vision Security will be onsite on Thursday July 26 to conduct the annual test and inspection of the fire alarm system. These inspections are required by the local fire marshal, fire codes, and national standards. Every device will be tested to be certain the system is working properly. The test will include several (loud) audible… [Read More]

Security Camera Installation

Due to recent vandalism and illicit dumping, Holliday House Property Owners voted to install security cameras at the entrances and covering the parking lot. Crews from Vision Security will be onsite this beginning tomorrow (7/17) to carry out the installation of this equipment. We anticipate project completion by the end of the week. As always,… [Read More]