Boiler Shutdown

It’s that time of year again…Holliday House has shut down the interior heating systems for the summer. If you have any questions, please let us know: (970) 945-7266. Have a great summer.

2019 Summer Upgrades

Holliday House Property Owners Association is preparing for another summer of significant upgrades to the facility. The Association decided unanimously at the February meeting, to tackle some major cosmetic upgrades. We’re estimating projects to start as soon as May. The projects include: Resurface of the shingled mansard (the cedar shakes at the top of the… [Read More]

Security Camera Installation

Due to recent vandalism and illicit dumping, Holliday House Property Owners voted to install security cameras at the entrances and covering the parking lot. Crews from Vision Security will be onsite this beginning tomorrow (7/17) to carry out the installation of this equipment. We anticipate project completion by the end of the week. As always,… [Read More]


All entry doors are scheduled to be painted April 14-18. Please use caution around the project areas, and note that there may be wet paint on the doors.

Spring Carpet Cleaning

Mr. Vac will be in to clean all common area carpets tomorrow, Thursday April 10. As usual, please exercise caution around the project areas.

Boiler Shutdown

The building’s interior heating system (boiler/furnace) will be shut down for the summer on June 3rd. (This will not affect the building’s domestic hot water systems.)

Carpet Cleaning

Mr. Vac has been contracted to clean the common area carpets in the building on June 5th beginning at 10am. Please be alert around the affected areas, as the carpets may be damp and/or slippery.

Interior Lighting Upgrades

The Board has awarded a contract to retrofit all interior lights with new electronic ballasts and reduced-wattage lamps. This project also includes installing photocells for lights near windows and doors, so that those fixtures will automatically turn off during daylight hours. The vendor is expected to begin the project during the first week of June… [Read More]