Deck Painting

We’ve had a few questions regarding the decks during the painting project. Crews will be working their way around the building spraying all exterior walls. Once that is complete, crews will then circle back around and roll a fresh coat of paint on your physical decking (floor). In the meantime, disregard any overspray on the… [Read More]

Facility Safety

Please use extra caution around the building during the improvements taking place this summer, keeping in mind that a lot of the work will be taking place overhead. If you have any questions, please let us know.


Painters will be onsite on Monday, October 17 for various small projects, mostly for doors. Please use caution around the wet-paint areas. Note that the elevator may be out of service for the majority of the day, as crews will be painting elevator doors.


Crews will be onsite for painting the new Apartment 9 and basement hallways & ceilings. The work will take place Monday, Aug. 29 through Friday, Sep. 2. Please be mindful of wet paint throughout the project area.

Painting Projects

Crews with Steve’s Painting are scheduled to complete various projects around the facility on Monday, October 20 and Tuesday October 21. Affected areas include the south side of the building, the vestibules, the roof, exterior entry areas, various decks, the laundry room, etc. As always, please exercise caution around the work areas. Also, note that… [Read More]


Steve’s Painting will be in this afternoon to paint the areas that were recently affected by the repairs we made to the Blake Avenue decks. Please avoid the freshly painted areas for approximately 24 hours. We appreciate your cooperation.

Painting in Entryways

Maintenance Plus will be finishing the door and railing project, which includes painting trim and handrails. The work is scheduled to take place Friday the 13th through Wednesday the 18th. As always, please exercise caution around the project areas. If you have any questions, let us know.