Hot Water Unavailable

UPDATE (9:30pm): Service has been restored. We are aware of the issue and have dispatched technicians to investigate the problem.

Construction on South Side of Bldg.

HHPOA has contracted Daybreak Construction to make some repairs on the south side of the building. We are scheduled for October 7-10, and October 13-17. The work includes removing damaged siding, sheathing, and other repairs and improving drainage and installing new gutters. As always, please use caution around any affected areas. Unfortunately, crews will be… [Read More]

Deck Work

HHPOA has contracted repair work to be done on some decks facing Blake Avenue. The work is scheduled to be completed over a few days between September 2 and September 9. Please use caution around the affected areas. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Painting in Entryways

Maintenance Plus will be finishing the door and railing project, which includes painting trim and handrails. The work is scheduled to take place Friday the 13th through Wednesday the 18th. As always, please exercise caution around the project areas. If you have any questions, let us know.


All entry doors are scheduled to be painted April 14-18. Please use caution around the project areas, and note that there may be wet paint on the doors.