Basement Carpet Replacement

Crews will be onsite to replace the carpet in the basement area and the elevator car on November 1st and 2nd. Please note the elevator may be out of service for a few minutes while we remove and replace the elevator carpet. As always, please use caution around the work areas. Questions or comments? Let… [Read More]

Elevator Modernization Complete

The elevator modernization has been completed. We have a few loose ends to tie up (carpet and paint, etc.), but residents are free to use the elevator.

Elevator Testing

Holliday House’s engineering, construction, and inspection teams will be onsite on Thursday, October 13th for testing of the new elevator control system, fire alarm system, ventilation systems, etc. There will be a lot of activity throughout the building, with most work taking place in the basement and in and around the elevator shaft. Note that… [Read More]

Construction Update

We are finally nearing the end of our summer construction projects. We appreciate your patience. Please note the following: Otis Elevator will be onsite beginning on Monday, September 19. The elevator modernization is currently expected to take approximately three weeks (no guarantees with this 40-year-old building). Most work will occur in the basement near the… [Read More]

HH Construction

Holliday House is preparing for a busy construction schedule in the coming months. When all is said and done, the Association will have invested nearly $275,000.00 in repairs and improvements to the building. The projects currently being planned, budgeted, and scheduled include: Elevator replacement Renovation of laundry room Construction of new elevator machine room Renovation… [Read More]

Elevator Modernization Information Mailed

We have mailed packets to all owners with information about the elevator modernization project. All owners should receive a copy at the address on file beginning today. If you have any questions, please reach out.

Elevator Upgrade

***Update 1/7/15 2:20pm: All upgrades have been completed and the elevator is in full service. Technicians with Otis Elevator Co. will be onsite to replace the power unit of the elevator beginning on Monday January 5th. This is a major project and is expected to take two days to complete. The elevator will be out… [Read More]

Elevator Out of Service

***Update 12/17: Repairs have been made and the elevator is back in service. ***Update 12/10: Crews have successfully completed the repairs. However upon further diagnosis, it was discovered that an electronic control for the hydraulic pump has also failed. Funds have been allocated, and parts have been ordered. They should arrive next week, with installation… [Read More]

Elevator out of Service

A technician is scheduled to repair the elevator on 1/22. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please report any issues to us via webmail or by calling (970) 945-7266