Indoor Heating

With the oncoming cold weather, we’d like to remind all residents to let us know about any issues with their unit’s heat (for example: apartment stays too hot or cold, leaky fitting on a radiator, etc.). Send us a webmail, call us (970) 945-7266, email us at, or visit us at 1512 Grand Avenue-Suite… [Read More]

Building Heat on East Side

***Update 05:12pm*** Repairs have been successfully made, and the system is fully operational. If you are experiencing any issues, please call (970) 945-7266 or contact us. A circulation pump for the heating system on the east (Blake Ave.) side of the building has failed. We are aware of the issue and crews are working to… [Read More]

Boiler Start Up

The Boiler (building heat) will be turned on this afternoon. Please report any issues with the heat (such as leaks from your baseboard radiator or a faulty thermostat or zone valve) in your apartment to Crystal Property Management at (970) 945-7266, or online.

Boiler Summer Shutdown

The Holliday House boiler will be shut down for the summer on May 30th. (This will not affect the building’s domestic hot water systems.)

Boiler Startup

Holliday House boilers are scheduled to be started for the winter on or around October 1. Please let us know of any issues with your individual unit’s heat (too hot, too cold, leaky radiator, etc.) so that we may address.

Foyer Radiator

The radiator in the main entry foyer is scheduled to be repaired during the week of 9/30. Please avoid the area if possible while the work is being completed. As always, exercise caution around the project areas.

Boiler Shutdown

The building’s interior heating system (boiler/furnace) will be shut down for the summer on June 3rd. (This will not affect the building’s domestic hot water systems.)